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Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

At our Greenville, Texas, company, we try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please visit our contact page for email support.

When you need to aerate the lawn and how much does it cost for our service?

If your yard does not have excessive weeds, mid to late spring is a good time to aerate if the soil is moist but not soggy and the grass is growing fast. If you have sandy soil, you need to aerate once a year and twice a year for clay soils that are compact. Grass with heavy traffic, will most like be so compacted that grass will not be able to grow without core aeration. Pricing is $60 per hour with a $35 minimum (most yards usually take 1-2 hours max).

How much does your yard cost to be mowed?

Prices typically range from $25-$50 to maintain your yard, depending on your location and how high your grass is. It cost you less to be on a schedule, where we can maintain your lawn all year long. On average, small yard prices range from $25-$27, medium yards averaging $27-$35, and for larger yards $35-$50. These prices includes mowing, line trimming, and clean-up.

If you request a service and you are not home for payment.

You can send a check made out to Fuller's Lawn Service to 4109 County Road 2206 Greenville, Texas 75402

Computer based landscape design.

We offer free landscape designs. This allows you to place specific plants in the area that you want them to be placed without buying the plants, saving you time and money.